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How to maintain the slitting machine

1. Check the thickness of the brake friction plate of the slitting machine. When it is severely worn, it needs to be replaced
2. Check if the straight guide rails of the slitting machine are clean, and clean them if necessary
3. Check if the transmission belt of the slitting machine is maintained at its expected tension
4. Check if there is any air leakage in the air path of the slitting machine, whether the air filter is clean, and clean the filter element at least once a month
5. Check the surface of all outer rubber rollers of the slitting machine and do not come into contact with the slitting tool to avoid damaging its surface. Remember to use 1 liter of cleaning solution (usually warm water with low surface tension soap or solvent) and a lint free cloth to gently wipe the roller every week
6. Check the suction fan filter of the slitting machine. If there is too much dust and dirt attached and the cleaning is not clean, replace it in a timely manner
7. When the rollers are dirty, they can be wiped with fine gauze dipped in industrial alcohol, but be careful not to use alcohol to wipe some old parts of the slitting machine to avoid rusting

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